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What would Ketorolac 10mg show up as in a Urine drug test?


DzooBaby 11 Mar 2011

If they were to test for it, it would. Ketorolac is not a controlled substance so most urine drug screens probably will not test for it.

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giacoyle 11 Mar 2011

If they did test for it, would it show up as traces of Cocaine? I am on probation and my P.O did a thorough drug screen and said that I had faint traces of cocaine in my system. I have never even done cocaine!
Thank u for your insight it's greatly appreciated :)

DzooBaby 11 Mar 2011

I'm not sure if it would show up as cocaine. It is an anti-inflammatory drug. Some of the others on here are better at knowing what drugs cause false negatives. Sorry I dont have a better answer for you. free discount card

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