mi name is victoria im 17 and ive been put on 60mg 2x daily from a previous 40 mg of geodon at first it seemed to be working fine on 40 but when raised to its current dosage ill be feeling fine before i take it but once i do i start feeling light headed sick to mi stomach really rapid heartbeat and really bad sweats ive had this happen to me once b4 on this medication and was sent to the er but they said i shouldnt be worried nd that it was not a serious reaction but im also currently takeing 100mg of trazodone in the evening 10mg of lexapro in the am 200mg of lamotrigine in the am and pm( total of 400mg a day) and 60mg of focalin xr in the am. i want to get off this crap but im told by mi dad that i need it ( i have severe bipolar depression and adhd) what do i do?