I have been taking methadone for about 5 years due to substance abuse. It has worked miracles for me and I have had no relapses.I understand that methadone blocks some pain killers, ex.hydrocodone and found this to be true when I broke my arm in 5 places falling down a flight of stairs 3 years ago. I was in so much pain even w/ the lortab that i didn't even take it any more after 2 doses and I really suffered for about 3 days. I am having 5 teeth pulled next week(impacted wisdom teeth) and I will be put to sleep during the procedure itself. Today, the nurse called to verify appt. and I told her I was concerned about pain control when I got home b/c I was taking methadone. She said to me that the doctor usually gives percocet but will probably not give me anything now b/c I was taking methadone and it contains codeine.
What??? Now I'm terrified to go.I want to be informed when I go about what options are available in case the dentist is as ignorant as this nurse. I have heard it can take more and stronger meds to relieve pain when taking methadone. What is safe and what will work for me??? please help.