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What is the normal psa level?


hywd53 15 May 2011

It all depends if you had treatment for prostate cancer of not!

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suzanne66 28 March 2011

This is from

"Your doctor will look at your PSA results and must consider your age, your race, medicines you are taking, and a number of other factors to decide whether your PSA is normal and whether you need more tests done.

Older men typically have slightly higher PSA levels than younger men. Normal ranges by age group commonly used include:

Men below age 50: PSA less than 2.5
Men 50 - 59 years: PSA level less than 3.5
Men 60 - 69 years: PSA level less than 4.5
Men older than 70 years: PSA level less than 6.5
Normal value ranges may vary slightly among different laboratories. Talk to your doctor about the meaning of your specific test results."

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