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What substances, medications and/or intakes can skew PSA test results?


Emeraldgirl 20 Oct 2013

Hello RTC16
You asked what substances, medications and/or intakes can skew PSA test results? The answer is a number of things that I will mention later. But the place to start is with the PSA test itself. You should discuss the pros and cons of having this test undertaken in the first place with your doctor. PSA tests are not totally reliable and often suggest the presence of prostate cancer when no cancer exists (a false-positive result). This means a number of men often have invasive and sometimes painful biopsies for no reason. That said prostate cancer in the early stages often show no signs or symptoms. Prostate cancer can grow slowly or very quickly. Most prostate cancer are slow-growing to start with and may never cause any symptoms or problems in a man's lifetime. A raised PSA level can be a sign of prostate cancer or a prostate problem. But some men with a normal PSA level can also have prostate cancer. This is why one must discuss having a PSA test with their doctor first.
What can skew a PSA result?
The PSA test itself
Urine infection – The doctor should treat this before PSA test is undertaken
An enlarged prostate
Prostatitis – Inflammation of the prostate gland
Prostate cancer
Vigorous exercise – You may need to avoid for 48 hours before test. Vigorous exercise can raise PSA level.
Ejaculation - You may be asked to avoid sexual activity for 48 hours before the PSA test.
Biopsy - Prostate biopsy six weeks before a PSA test could affect the result.
A urine catheter, investigations or operations on your bladder or prostate -You may need to wait up six weeks before having a PSA test.
Medications – You must tell your doctor if you are taking any prescription or over-the-counter medicines.
Take care

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RTC16 20 Oct 2013

Many thanks for responding. I should better phrased my question:
After radical prostatectomy PSA can down to <0.004 via Ultrasensitive PSA tests. Critics claim that the results can vary due to "noise".
What factors constitute "noise"? Hydration? Others?

Emeraldgirl 20 Oct 2013

RTC 16
Ultrasensitive PSA tests for radical prostatectomy I am unsure of what can effect these test. I don’t know when you last had a check-up but you should be able to discuss this with your Urologist. Or you can phone a urology department. Most will be happy to answer a question like.
Take care

Emeraldgirl 20 Oct 2013

this. Sorry I missed a word off the end! Take care

RTC16 21 Oct 2013

Thank you and thank you for caring.

Emeraldgirl 21 Oct 2013

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