I made the decision to stop all meds on Christmas Eve. I didn't know what was going on, and admit now it wasn't the smartest thing I ever did. I stopped 15 mg Oxycodone #300/28 days AND Ativan 2 mg 4-6X day for anxiety. All legally prescribed and dispensed. I took oxycodone for pain following 3 back surgeries. The Ativan was something a psychiatrist started me on at 1 mg hs for sleep for YEARS!! After the surgery, this pain managment doc increased either the strength or numbers before I even asked for it. I have become paranoid about doctors and felt she literally owned my soul. I guess she has to make a living, but I didn't want to be the sacrificial lamb anymore. I have cut tiny pieces from the 8/2 sublingual Suboxone gel strips; 1/16 to be exact and that would be about .5 mg of bupornephrine. Even at that low amount I notice unpleasant symptoms coming back at about day 3. These symptoms consist of chills, and sweats, some muscle cramping... nothing close to what I went through over the holidays.

My bottom line question is this; are these symptoms from cessation of Suboxone, or from the long drawn out withdrawal from benzodiazepines (the Ativan)? If it is from the Suboxone, I could tough it out for a few days again. But, if they are a result of stopping the Ativan, I have read it could be months before that stuff is completely gone, and a tiny dose of Suboxone would be enough to stay functional until I can go for it and be free at last.