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What is the difference between yellow, white, and green 2mg alprazolam tablets?

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Babydoll luv 9 May 2018

Is the white Xanax the same as the white ones

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Thebenzobob 28 Feb 2017

The yellow ones the have an R039 on them are the best n have not been faked as the rest have been lately I would stick with the yellow ones even before the Xanax brand cause they are being tampered with in other contreys them ones the most followed by the white ones with a single g on it

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phunnypharm 8 Oct 2013

I have never noticed a difference in the way the medication works however I am in a program that requires weekly drug tests, I am prescribed xanax, and my tests will come up with 3-4 different benzodiazepines in it. The reason for this being different generics (colors) sometimes have different ingredients like clonazepam, oxazepam, temazepam. The only way to insure that you are taking actual xanax by itself is to stick to the name brand, generics can be dangerous. So with that being said the difference is ingredients.

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Chada214 16 Sep 2018

That is not true at all they clonazepam is Klonopin a totally different substance, just like diazepam is valium they don't put that into any color of any Xanax it all has to do with the company making them and the fillers and additives. off brands can put up to 20% fillers and 80 % of the medication where as is real brand is 100 % med with few fillers.

puckiemull 12 March 2011

Hi Liz
From what i can gather the different colours are either brand or generic 2mg alprazolam. They come in different colours depending on the company,but they are all alprazolam.
Hope this is of some help

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Liz110 12 March 2011

Thank you for your response, it did help; however, I've heard that the yellow generic is better than white and green. Today when I refilled my prescription, the tablets were green and was dumbfounded. So, I am still trying to figure out which generic and distributer is best... Any more thoughts?

puckiemull 13 March 2011

Hi Liz
What is the name of the tablets you collected?There are so many different names-brand or generic but as far as i know they all are supposed to do same thing.Although i did get blue1mg tablets called"gerax"and usually i get xanax but because my pysc didnt specifically(sorry spelling)write xanax just alprazolam,the pharmacey gave me gerax saying it was cheaper to dispence. I dont know if its the same thing or of any help to you??

Liz110 13 March 2011

Well anytime I've been prescribed 2nd alprazolam they have been white or yellow and when I filled my prescription yesterday, the bars were blue and the dispense manufacturer is called DAVA??? I dont know they just make me feel different then the yellow or white onea and from what I hear the yellow bars are the best generic! Dammit. Lol

puckiemull 13 March 2011

You should maybe go back to pharmacy and explain to them that those tabs make you feel funny compared to the others you previously got.
Theres no harm in trying and seeing what they say because the tabs should have the same effect despite colour or shape.I never heard of that brand,i would contact gp or pharmacy and discuss it further with them?

Liz110 13 March 2011

Thanks for all of your advice... But going back to pharmacy won't do me
Any good because I already took some of them!!! I'll just make sure that next
Time I get it filled they are yellow, hopefully!!! Take care;)

puckiemull 13 March 2011

Yea you do that pet,but if you still find yourself with funny feeling with the tablets i would go back to them if i was you-despite having taken some,they'll just have to give you ur usual ones,if you dont tel them they wont know.But if you're ok with waiting the month then wait and see.
Best of luck with it

Liz110 14 March 2011

Thanks Again!!! I'll be sure to not be in this situation AGAIN... Take Care

cindiecook 22 Oct 2011

Both the yellow and white 2 mg rectangle scored tablets code begins with R. Is there a difference?

Desiderata 9 Jan 2012

The difference in colors is usually to make it easier to know what manufacturing company made which generic brand of Xanax. The thing is why some colors/manufacturers are weaker or stronger than other colors/manufacturers is that once the brand name (in this case Xanax) losses it's patient and is forced by law to give their patient to other companies, The companies they give it to have the right to cut the original ingredients by 20%. So that is why some Alprazolam is stronger because the manufacture won't cut the pill as much as other companies do. I think it works both ways, the less you cut it the more people will want that color/manufacture of said pill and they make more money and on the other side the more they cut it the more pills they can make and the more money they make. In my area white bars are always $10 less than yellow bars. I wonder if it also has to do with how much the Pharmacy pays for certain pills.


I noticed cheap Pharmacies always have white bars but Wal-Greens has always had the yellow (school bus) bars. I believe a brand name company has to by law give their patient of ingredients to other companies after 8 years so during the 8 years they are the only maker of a certain pill so they can make all their money back plus some for the work they did in developing the pill. Now days pills manufactures come up with an XR right before the 8 years is up so they can receive another 8 years of profit before they have to release their patient. This is United States procedures, can't say about other countries.

Desiderata 1 Feb 2012

I have tried all those brands of colors and IMO the Green 2mg. Bars are the weakest. They do have 3mg. Green bars also but those are time release and I have never tried them.

genrx2013 20 May 2013

It I ranked them in order, and I've had them prescribed for many years, it would be:
2 mg Name Brand-Expensive but far better, actually help panic attacks without the KO!
2mg Sandoz brand (white, scored on one side only) second best
2 mg White, scored on both sides
2 mg White, round, deep score in the center on one side
2 mg Yellow
2 mg Green
2 mg White round, crosstop

I would rather take name brand or Sandoz. All the others were not effective. I'm not sure who said the yellow ones are best, but that's crazy!!

Good luck.

jc1967bb 29 Aug 2013

all the generic brands are the same --its all in your head if you think different I've took them all

jc1967bb 29 Aug 2013

now the name brand xanax are better quality but much more expensive

Jeter-NY2 2 Sep 2013

I've taken white Xanax bars for many years and recently I tried yellow bars for the 1st time and what a difference! The white ones rarely did anything for me (which is why I stopped getting them and only took the blue footballs) but the yellow ones knocked my socks off! I've read here and on other sites that the only difference between white and yellow bars is the color but I'll never do white bars again after taking the yellows and finally feeling the real deal. Say what you will but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Too bad the yellows are hard to get but maybe there's a reason why: they suck.

Mendyf0310 17 March 2015

Hi Liz on the matter of yellow, white,or green xanax. I personally prefer green, then yellow,and finally white. But that is just me. I only like the bars. My favorite is green but very hard to find.

Cbingle1 21 March 2017

The white yellow and green have no difference. They're just different manufacturers. Green bars are a little stronger than white and yellow but the white and yellow are that exact same

Poobear 15 5 March 2018

I’m very sry it’s so late but I have a question that I’ve had for yrs now, is it legal to call around to the pharmacy’s and ask if they have a certain color of the 2mg Xanaxs I get bc my tolarce for any kind of medication but I have in the past gotten more than one script that I could literally take a hand full and my panic attack would get worse and I’d absolutely would never feel any ease but the green tables that a friend lent me bc of all the none and no need for my own sister and my biological mother they constantly steal and my charges I’m pressing against her and my mom bc she stole my Med to give to her none, and I thought my mother didn’t take opit pain meds after her so I stopped my sister from coming that’s when I know that’s y she was trying so hard to get in my house,


so since then I’ve been battling cps and they didn’t take her out of my care up until I back on my medications and complete probation as well? So do u know if it’s legal or I’ll leg to ask pharmacy’s what color are the 2mg Xanaxs ? free discount card

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