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Alprazolam - are the green rectangle 2mg bars extended release?

4 Answers

Ashrussell69 14 Jan 2018

Is two mg Xanax time released

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Passed off 4 Dec 2016

R green bar Xanax extended release?

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chuck1957 18 Nov 2013

Hi emoney81 I agree with Jerst on this one need more info.from you on the tablet both sides look and see what letters or number is on the tablet to many companys make this drug i do not feel safe answering this question without more infomation if it came from the pharmacy just call them and tell them to double check the color and numbers,Are you also taking other meds when they prescribe this you most often take something else..PS IF THIS IS EXTENDED RELEASE OR LIKE XR OR SR OR EXTEND..NEVER CHEW BREAK,DISSOLVE IT IS ONLY MADE TO BE TAKEN AS A WHOLE PILL.
GET me the info and i well get you a better answer..Chuck retired Cpht

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Inactive 16 Nov 2013

Not on your question but my shrink said I want to congradulate you on not taking more than 3 mg a day of Xanax said he would not treat patients taking the 2 mg bars Found Effexor helped with my anxiety and able to go down to 1 mg a day in the morning

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chuck1957 18 Nov 2013

Glad jerst you and the doctor were able to find the effexor and also less xanax,this is what worked for me to,But sometimes others depending on what type anxiety disorder they are treating still require higher doses of alprazolam we are all different as are the doctors lucky alprazolam is one of the safest and much harder to abuse for people like us that just want relief.But this last study on the benzodiaz.xanax was less likly to be abused.But i do not agree being in the retail outlet,until the computers hooked up and you could catch the people filling rx's at other pharmacys or it given to them at a hospital pharmacy drug shopping is much harder these days but they keep hope you are doing well with your situation i also have had this long time but when i got crushed between bumpers and crushed my legs all heck broke loose finally they tried effexor on me what a difference was able to go down on several other things..have a good evening Jerst nice to touch basis with you Chuck Cpht.
also.. free discount card

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