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What is stronger? 0.5 mg of zanax or 0.25 mg of Xanax?

9 Answers

LaSonja Hodge 7 Nov 2020

I just want to know.

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Adam machiaveli 14 July 2020

I think 0.5mg would be stronger

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kevinb1953 24 June 2018

The .50mg is twice as strong as the .25mg Xanax

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Rlthomp1 21 June 2018

What dosages of Xanax is higher the 0.25 or the 0.5

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Lonnie 0106 26 April 2018

I would say that the 0.25 is weaker than the 0.5 because the 0.5 is actually 0.50 which makes it stronger.

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granny50 11 Jan 2012

I do bealive 0.5 is...

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BRRMARS 21 May 2011

.5 is stronger, .25 is half of .5 hope that helps.

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caringsonbj 20 May 2011

0.5mg is stronger than 0.25mg then 0.1mg is stronger than that

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DzooBaby 20 May 2011

No. actually 0.1 is less. Look at it like 0.10 then it is a tenth and a dime is less than a quarter. You are thinking of 1.0.

Inactive 21 May 2011

Its all in where the decimal is. If you are a nurse calling meds in or you are a doc writing then you have to have it in the right place or you could give someone to much or not enough meds. Most time if the parmacy things it looks strange they will call the doc office to double check.

b80m4rl 21 May 2011

.5 is twice the amount as .25 --- ( .1 would be equal to 10 cents in a dollar-- .25 is equal to 25cents and .5 is equal to 50 cents, and so on... ) LOL thats the easiest way for me to calculate decimal dosages

caringsonbj 21 May 2011

Dzoobaby I have a question 0.25mg of xanax is it the weakest? then 0.5mg is the next strongest? then 1mg is the next strongest, then it comes in 2mg bar made by sandoz? then it comes in extended release of 2mg and 3mg I think what I did was put 0.1mg of xanax (typo) no such thing as 0.1mg xanax it's 1mg of xanax is this right?

Inactive 21 May 2011

Billy i believe you are correct. Vonnie

caringsonbj 21 May 2011

thanks Vonnie~~

DzooBaby 20 May 2011

0.5 is stronger than 0.25. When you put an extra 0 this is easy 0.50 and 0.25. Half is more than a quarter.

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Inactive 21 May 2011

DzooBaby, are you a math teacher, if not you would make a good one . Very well explained!!! Von free discount card

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