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What do you do when have the cough from using lisinopril/hctz?

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Palatti 28 June 2018

My husband developed the cough from lisinopril and tried other OTC remedies like Delsym 12 hour syrup. It gave him some relief but not 12 hours worth and started to suffer with dizziness, nausea, drowsiness and headache that come with that. Somewhere on line he read about honey helping someone within hours of taking 1 teaspoon in warm tea or coffee. So yesterday with nothing to lose, my hacking, irritable husband put honey in his coffee. Today we are happy to report that the sore throats from coughing along with the dry hacking cough have all but disappeared. He has the occasional cough and clearing his throat but the frustrating unrelenting spasms of coughing have subsided. I hope it can work for others. I would say try honey before Delsym or iron as iron can have some nasty intestinal side effects.

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wd bakheet 16 March 2012

the major side effect of angiotensine converting enzyme inhibitor are dry cough and angio edema due to activate and increase the level of bradykinin if your sure this cough due to lisinopril convert it to other antihypertensive drugs that are do not cause cough like angitensine receptor blocker

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Marvell 18 July 2009

If it's a mild cough you may be able to continue with it. Some people have persistent dry cough, which is very hard to deal with. In that case see your doctor and they may be able to prescribe some other blood pressure medicine which won't cause a cough.

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sbeaumont 16 Dec 2010

Will the cough go away in time. I just went on this pill 7 days ago.
I was on Diovan for several years but wanted to change to a less expensive generic

Marvell 16 Dec 2010

It is highly unlikely that the cough will go away if it is due to lisinopril.

However, I found some information regarding cough and ACE Inhibitors. The theory is that that some people who have the ACE Inhibitor cough are iron deficient. If you wish you could try to take some iron supplements and see if the cough goes away. Please discuss this with your doctor though. free discount card

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