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What do they do if you go to the ER for severe depression?

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SweetLuck 11 Sep 2017

I went to the ER in April of 2015 for exactly the same reason you are saying you might want to go. I was not truly suicidal but I did not care to live like I was feeling and often hoped I would die somehow and thought dead people were the lucky ones. It's not a good place to be. Go in if you feel you need help. They gave me Ativan in an IV (I felt agitated too) and asked me a lot of questions. I was honest about my answers and told them what I just said about wanting to die. They asked me if I wanted to be admitted. My husband was with me so I said I did not but I might have if I were alone. I was put on Cymbalta and that along with time has helped a lot. I did go to counseling for a few months. You will make it-- it is very important to reach out to others even though a big part of you probably doesn't want to. Please do whatever you feel inside you need to do.

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Aprilkitty 10 Sep 2017

They asscess you, and feel if your a threat to yourself you are admitted to pschyc ward

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youneverknow 4 Nov 2010

So sorry to hear you are that depressed. I have been admitted 10 times in ten years. In my city, Pittsburgh you have to say you will hurt yourself or someone else if you don't receive care. I always said if it wasn't for my children I would kill myself. Please if you feel bad enough to go to the ER you do need impatient treatment. God Bless and Good Luck. Sable

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Psyched 1 Nov 2010

I work at a psych hospital that is partnered with a medical hospital. Be as honest as possible with the assessment nurse so you can get the help you need. Be aware though that if the assessment nurse thinks you need to be hospitalized they can have you admitted (either voluntarily or involuntarily). He/she has to protect themself as well as you. If they admit you involuntarily, they will get an emergency detention on you that is usually good for 48 hours in order to make you go into the hospital. I'm not trying to scare you or give you second thoughts; I only want you to know how this works. Most people think they can go in, get some meds, and go home and they become angry when they are admitted. Hope this helps.

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Jt6577 1 Nov 2010

Admit me, im fine with that. Im just trying to weigh my options. Im not suicidal but I need to do something and I appreciate your feedback. Im really at a loss as to what to do.

UNLVGRAD 2 Nov 2010

Well go get checked out. Be honest and tell them you want and need intense services. Hang in there :)

Jt6577 2 Nov 2010

Im really considering it, I did some research. Just hoping my insurance is good enough. I really hate how I feel, I could definitely use some help. Thanks again.

marjorie zych 2 Nov 2010

Pysched is right be honest it sounds like inpatient may be a good idea even if it is for a short while take care and hope you are doing better soon, many hospitals have free care programs if your insurance is not good enough especially if it saves a life, good luck my friend and keep in touch if you are home, marjorie zych

UNLVGRAD 2 Nov 2010

My insurance would cover a certain portion and then the rest would of been up to me to pay back. So you could maybe find a place like that if your insurance doesn't cover all.

Psyched 2 Nov 2010

Hospitals have all kinds of programs to help people that can't pay; just ask. I think you would be a good candidate for in-patient care. Our society has such negative views on mental health, but I thoroughly believe it is a needed aspect of the healthcare system. I truly hope you find some help because it sounds to me like you really want and need it. No one should have to suffer from any illness, including mental illnesses. Keep us informed and if you have any questions please feel free to send me a private question. Good luck.

Jt6577 3 Nov 2010

Thanks everyone for your help. Im seriously considering going somewhere, I will keep everyone posted.

marjorie zych 3 Nov 2010

Please do. Please get the help you need and your welcome back here anytime. Take care, marjorie zych

mbrkulot 12 Oct 2017

Hi, I'm thinking about admitting myself, but I'm under my parents insurance (im 20). Do most insurances cover ER visits even if its for being suicidal or depression ? I want to admit myself but I do not want to worry my parents or cost them money.

marjorie zych 1 Nov 2010

It depends on which hospital you go to most will have a mental health counselor evaluate you and see if you need inpatient care if not they will give you a referral to a mental health provider for further treatment. If you are suicidal they will probably have someone sit with you until you can be seen by the mental health provider sometimes it is a security person or sometimes an aide depending on severe the depression and suicidal thoughts are. If you are depressed please seek out help for yourself and let me know how you make out. This is a good site for some support as well but if you are severely depressed you may need some meds and professional counseling and then you can come back here for reinforcement and support. Good luck my dear and hope you are well soon, marjorie zych

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Jt6577 1 Nov 2010

Thanks for the feedback. Im definitely very depressed, im on cymbalta and I been on several antidepressants for years. I lost my older sister this time last year unexpectedly and since then ive pretty much isolated myself from mostly everyone. I dont know if im grieving or depressed butim very lost. As for motivation to get help, im in need of it.

UNLVGRAD 1 Nov 2010

Are you seeing a counselor?

Jt6577 1 Nov 2010

I was for a while, and I know I need to see someone it just easier to stay in bed. But I cant, I have a 10 yr old niece whose amazing her father also died about 3 yrs ago (suicide). I almost want to go to an institution. Things are just so sad all around me...

marjorie zych 2 Nov 2010

Sounds like you are both grieving and depressed, it could be your feeling worse because it is that time of year of your loss I know at certain times of the year I am worse as well. It sounds like you need to get back into some therapy and different medicine, Cymbalta is known to cause further depression and suicidal ideations so something different may help with some support from a professional and maybe a grief support group sometimes helps too, just knowing there are others going through the same thing helps I have been there I know. Feel free to write me anytime I will add you as a friend so you can write private if you want o.k.. Getting help doesn't make you a bad person so seek help and let me know how you are if you will please. I do care about the people on this site. I am not perfect but I have been through a lot and love to help where I can. Take care and I will be thinking about you, marjorie zych

Belguimgirl62 10 Aug 2017

I've been suffering for so long, meds don't help!
I have panic attacks, can't leave the house some days... and yes I have suicidal thoughts. I feel I should check in, but i have respinsibilities at home 4 dogs 4 cats. Help

UNLVGRAD 1 Nov 2010

I did this once. Bascially they asked me questions, mainly if I was sucidal or wanted to harm someone else, I said no that I was sad and hopeless. They gave me some ativan. Took some blood and that was it. They would only admit me if I had said I wanted to kill myself or someone else.

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JoJo04 1 Nov 2010

They have someone on staff access you, if they feel you need to be hospitalized you will be admitted. (also when you go to the ER for depression you usually don't wait a long period of time, they will take care of you as soon as possible.

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smileyhappy 6 Nov 2010

I had to go 3 years ago and was admited. I had gone to see a psychiatric weeks earlier because I was suicidal and prescribe me seroquel wich I did not react to well. I became psychoic. They took me in the er admiting area until the staff was open in the psych ward. I'm glad I went. I went through hell but in the end I have the proper drugs and am doing great. This was my 3 depression. After the 3 time you need to take meds for the rest of your life. I was totally against meds but now am gratefull. free discount card

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