I was given a generic suboxone today-they called it subutex.i know its 8mg.-or maybe 8-2mg. It's a square-not hard,but made out of 'gel'. .a clear/see-through purple color. There are no markings on it except a line down the middle,on one side.The last several times this person gave me those gel tabs; it had TWO lines. .one line going down,and another going across- so it makes 4 perfect little squares(so you can take a quarter at a time). But like I said,the one she gave me today had just the one line..so out of curiosity,I wanted to look it up on 'Pill Identifier'. . .I cant find it anywhere!The only generic suboxone/subutex I could find;it should a white pill.No purple gel tab.All I wanted to see,and know is if what she gave me today was generic 8mg suboxone/gel tabs. The one line instead of two has thrown me off;and I'm a worry wort. :) P.S.-I cant afford the Dr.,so someone helped me. If anyone has seen the gel tablet like that/has any information,please let me know. :) Thank you!