Hi everyone,

I have been on cymbalta 60 mg since September 2017.
My depression since then was much better but then has gotten increasingly worse.
The inability to leave bed, the constant darkness and negative thoughts. I was back into a major depressive episode that was not going away.

This week I went back to the doctor and was given 150 mg of Wellbutrin XL to try paired with the cymbalta. I got name brand Wellbutrin, as well as switched to name brand of cymbalta.

It’s been one week of being on Wellbutrin - it was not only suppose to help me depression but also help with my fatigue/energy.

It has done the opposite. My fatigue has increased dramatically - I feel in a exhausted fog. I am in bed most of the day or on the couch and cannot function or even do my most simple daily tasks.
I can’t think clearly and am forgetting everything. I can’t focus or process my thoughts or information. I also have not been able to sleep at night - I have been finally falling asleep around 12/1 am but am up at 3 am wide awake and ready for the day. Which adds to my daytime tiredness.

On the plus side - it has lifted my depressive episode and my moods have been elevated.

Is this a normal side effect? Should I ride it out the 4 weeks?
Should I go back to my doctor?

Anyone else with a similar experience?