Hi. I am a 19 year old female and I was previously on Amitriptyline (25mg) nightly for migraines and lexapro (5mg) every morning for anxiety. I was on amitriptyline a few years ago for a 3 years and came off it no problem. I was recently, about 9 months ago, put back on amitriptyline, but at a higher does (previously I was on 15 and stopped and then put back on it at 25). I contacted my doctor because within these 8-9 months I had gained roughly 40 pounds from this medicine and wanted to come off of it. While he did give me weaning instructions I am questioning if they were correct. He told me to take half of the 25 mg for two weeks and then come off of it. I am currently at the week 1 mark and am having symptoms such as severe lightheadedness and mild chest pain here and there. The lightheadedness was tolerable at first and gets worse everyday. I am beginning to question the lexapro as well because I too decided to come off of that about 2 weeks before I started coming off of the amitriptyline. Because I was on such a low dose of 5mg, my psychiatrist advised me to take one every other day for a few days and then stop. My question is could these symptoms be from either of these weaning processes and if so what should I do? I guess I am really curious as to what medicine is more likely causing these issues because I see two different doctors for them and I'm not sure which one to contact, if need be. A neurologist from children deals with my migraines and a psychiatrist saw me for my brief period of anxiety. Thanks in advance for all of you help! I have a huge research paper due tomorrow and unfortunately all of this is making it a little hard to concentrate.