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How do I wean off taking bupropion hcl 150 mg? I take one a day?


WildcatVet 29 Mar 2017

Hi, Joyce! Speak with your prescribing physician who can provide you with a customized schedule to wean you off. This will be a decreasing dose schedule and may take several weeks but it will avoid any symptoms of discontinuation syndrome which is common with antidepressants if you stop *cold turkey* or too quickly.
Slow but sure is the only way to go.
Best regards and best of luck to you.
PS, Why do you want to stop if you don't mind us asking?

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Joycecombs 29 Mar 2017

It makes my heart palpatate. Feels like my heart races

WildcatVet 29 Mar 2017

That IS a rare side effect of bupropion. Have you discussed switching to a different antidepressant/anxiolytic with your doctor if you feel you need it?

Joycecombs 29 Mar 2017

Im at doctor now. I want off this wellbutron. I know they will either tell me ti take lexapro or zoloft and i dont know which one is better to take.

Joycecombs 29 Mar 2017

Doctor weaning me off wellubutron. If i get anxious or nervous to take a xanax. After 2 weeks we see how im doing.

WildcatVet 29 Mar 2017

If you need help with anxiety keep in mind a medication called Buspar. It's not an antidepressant nor is it a benzodiazepine like Xanax or Valium which come with the risk of addiction. Most people experience good effectiveness with a minimum (if any) of side effects.
Just something you might discuss with your doctor...
Good luck for the next two weeks and please feel free to write in if you need to talk about what's going on, okay?

Joycecombs 29 Mar 2017

Is buspar as good as xanax. Ive been on xanax for several years.

WildcatVet 29 Mar 2017

I can't compare I'm afraid. I took Buspar for many years with great success, but I refuse to take benzos because I'm in recovery from drug addiction.

Joycecombs 29 Mar 2017

Ok. I was put on them for my ptsd i got in 1999. Thank you for your input.

chuck1957 30 Mar 2017

Joyce; Yes please listen to Wildcatvet and follow her directions, She knows what she is talking about sometimes the doctor can add something to help and others very slowly take away the bupropion and add something later. to get you feeling better and not have to go through any type of withdrawals or very minor anyway. So you should call your doctor as soon as possible and get yourself checked out. good luck and there are

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