So, I 'm sure you all have seen my postings the past month. I really do have a seriouse question that I think is effecting my life and not sure if it's good or bad.
Since I started this medication, 50 mg, my energy levels are back, Ive been working 2 jobs to get extra money but it was hell before this medication because I was like, why am I so tired ? you worked 70 hours before, you were in the military you can do 2 jobs. now that my energy levels have come back on this medication I am very stressed because i am finishing 2 years of workign all night and school all day.
I spoke to my boss about it before and just today. I was like" look. i want these vacations days off, 2 in April to see my sisters baby born, week to go camping in Yellowstone with my miitary buddies in July and 2 days off in May to go to Paris for 3 days because I found a really cheap ticket and I wan tto do this for myself, that is my vacation and alone time.
I'm stressed out and I want to do these things before August. The reeason why is I will only be working for them between May and July, it's my summer break from school. My work has seniority rules. but lately on this medication it makes me very talkitive. My work not use to me talking and I am telling them my whole life. I don't mean to it just comes out with the stress and not talking to anyone for 2 years and this medication makes you talk, well that's what I I think.
so my question is, is this medication giving my faulty confidence of I can do all this this again and better now that I feel better and can focus and your just burnt out, or is this medication making me realize I wasted 2 years of my Gi Bill that i could have learned if I had this medication and you dont have to work this second job if you don't have to but your tryign to earn as much money as possible?
I'm just lost because I feel better, but then I see people look at me and sometimes I second guess myself because i'm not sure if I am bragging or just trying to talk a little about me because I never said one work..
I told my boss today I have 3 weeks left of school and my energy levels are coming back, I am sleeping better but i just have to much stress and the combination of them is not good.