I have been taking vortioxetine for 9 days at 10mg dose.
To be honest things have been a bit of a mess. I tapered down to 0mg of venlafaxine then began taking vortioxetine. The withdraw from venlafaxine was intense. So I'm glad to be free of that med.
I'm just wondering how long I should wait for vortioxetine to work? The withdraw symptoms from venlafaxine slowly reduced over around 5-6 days. I feel better in one way as I'm not in withdrawal, but in another I'm finding myself quite depressed and generally negative at the moment, I get tired and stressed easily etc.
Should I wait 2-3 weeks then contact my GP about increasing dose? And give 10mg a chance, or seeing as I'm tolerating vortioxetine well physically, should I just switch up to 20mg?