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Voltaren Gel - Will Voltaren work on the pain of gout?

This question has also been asked and answered here: Does Voltaren Gel work for gout?

6 Answers

Crossbones 28 June 2022

In my case the answer is an outright no. It was about as effective as spraying Windex on it.

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gabrieltebit 4 May 2022

I have a gout attack at the moment with no medication on hand, no ice pack either. Someone gave me Voltaren gel and told me to try. I didn't at first bit I got desperate so I rubbed a little on and it took most of the pain off almost instantly. I mean I know of I put pressure on it it'll hurt but right now I feel a lot better. Hope it gets better over time.

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Belachos 28 Dec 2018

This product is highly effective in gout. For me, I ice the joint affected, dry it and apply voltaren gel. Be sure to sllow the gel to dry on the gout (takes about 8-10 minutes). My rheumatologist prescribed this product and it works great.

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callhurd 20 Dec 2018

I use Voltaren gel on my gout (toe) and it works very well to relieve the pain and reduce the swelling.

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lovnmyredhead 4 April 2017

Yes, to answer the the question. It will definitely help reduce the inflammation and pain level.
I use Voltaren Gel for my bad knees. Was having a gout incident, despite using allopurinol and watching the 'purine' levels of the foods I eat. Tried the gel on my ankle (where this gout attack was happening). Like I said. . . It clearly helped.

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Stephen Treloar 10 Aug 2015

Unlikely, my one experience of gout was just misery. It was a long time ago, but I recall taking a lot of nurofen to no effect. The other two were voltaren (made me sick) and feldene (AU name). Like I said it was a long time ago.

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lovnmyredhead 4 April 2017

Stephen, you should NOT answer questions like this if you have not had any experience with it. I have had many gout attacks. The Voltaren Gel does help, considerably. You have probably made that person miss-out on some long needed relief. Shame on you. If you know not - say not. Speculation is not healthy in this case,

Nate Higgers 9 Feb 2018

Never worked for me, tried it several times.

Stephen Treloar 13 Jan 2019

@lovnmyreadhead, shame on you for being for being an opinionated snowflake. Re read what I said.

GMc 13 Jan 2019

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