I am 66 and never have had MDD in my life. My Dr. wants me to be on 3 antidepressants now.One is an SSRI and the other 2 are tricyclic. I didn't know you could mix them .She had me on a low dose if Rexulti,but I didn't think it was needed,so she took me off of it and wanted to add the SSRI.I had taken that in the past for mild depression,but it caused bleeding problems,so I didn't take that. I went back and she gave me something called Viibryd. I didn't start it,but for the past day or so I have been feeling at rock bottom again. I am afraid of the combining it with the Doxipine and Trazadone, but my friend said I was getting better for a while and she can tell I am back to being as bad as before and wants me to be my old self again,so I took my first one with my dinner tonight. I am afraid of the diarrhea. I had that for about two months in the past and lost 20lbs in less than 1 month and then about 5 more before it stopped. Now I have constipation from an unrelated med. from another Dr.. Maybe they will balance each other out. Also, why do you have to take it with food? I have no appatite. Till 8pm tonight all I had eaten was a small banana and three cookies. Then after I talked to my friend and decided to take the Viibryd, I ate a chicken sandwich and some mashed potatoes because my friend asked me to eat. I feel hopeless right now.Anyone else who has come through this? Thanks,Toooldfrths