Hey there. I'm Wondering if anyone knows how severe the side effects of abnormal dreams and vivid dreams can be with Viibryd. I currently have been on the med for 4 months and twice in the last two weeks I have missed a dose accidentally. Each time I have missed a dose I have had dreams that are very specific and very real to where I swear I can feel sensation during my dreams. I would be okay with this except for the fact that I wake up from sleeping 8-10 hours with absolutely no energy and am starting to panic about how strange my dreams are and how much my asleep life is effecting my awake life. My only issue is that Viibryd has been the ONLY medication that has not caused my depression to spiral out of control. Can anyone give me any tips, comfort, or anything? I'm at the point where this is effecting me severely and also sometimes happens when I do take my medication consistently.

Thank you