Ok I cannot figure out if I am pregnant or if Nuvaring has delayed my period?

My period was scheduled for Jan 26, 2013.

To start off my periods are never irregular periods, they almost always come on the time they are suppose to, and if they are late it wouldn't be more than a day ever. Even when I started birth control the hormones from that never effected my period being late or not showing up. I was on the regular birth control pill Sprintec, then I was on the Depo shot for a year. Even on Depo my period always came regular. I stopped Depo after about a year on it and for awhile I used no birth control, I did have some unprotected sex with my boyfriend for a couple of months however I never got pregnant and always had my regular period. So I went to my gyno recently and had a regular check up everything and I knew it was time for me it get birth control before I get pregnant. I decided on Nuvaring, I have never tried it before. I went to the Dr. on Jan 6th, 2013. My doctor had explain Nuvaring is usually inserted the first day of your menstrual cycle and then after your cycle is over it will have had time to take affect in the body. But I went on Jan 6th and I had already had my period, I got it on Dec 29th. She said I could still insert it that day and not wait however it would take about a week before it started working. So I did insert it on Jan 6th. And my Dr said I might have my period before I take the ring out and then have my period again when I take it out after 3 weeks. I said that was fine with me. However I did have unprotected sex with my bf once before the seven days the Nuvaring had been inserted. And about a week ago my breast started to be very sensitive, they have been burning and aching and feel swollen, this has been happening on and off now. It's very painful even wearing a thin shirt hurts. I don't know how this breast pain can be from my period because it's happened before it's time for it and my boobs never hurt when I have my period. Also even when i was on those different forms of birth control they never caused breast pain. I'm worried that could be a pregnancy sign. Has anyone had painful breasts from Nuvaring? Also I was suppose to get my regular period on Jan 26. Now it's the 27th and my period hasn't came?? It's never late. I feel light cramps every now and then but it doesn't feel like my period coming. Do you think maybe the Nuvaring is making it late because it's not time for me to take the ring out and have my period? My Dr. told me I would more than likely get my period before I take the ring out and get it again but I haven't and I'm worried because this never happens to me even with birth control. I was wondering if can take the Nuvaring out now even though i'm suppose to take it out in 3 days. I was thinking of taking it out now to check to see if my period comes and leaving it out for the week and inserting a new one after the week is up. Do you think if I take it out 3 days earlier and insert a new one 1 week later it would be ok? I know I should probably wait until the 3 days are up but I'm so worried I wanna take it out now to see if my period will come like it should. Should I take a test to see if i'm pregnant or is it to early because my period might now be scheduled to come after the ring is out for a week? Help, could I be pregnant? Has Nuvaring changed anyones else's period dates? I'm going to call my Dr. tomorrow when they are open and ask them if i should take a test or if I can take it out, by tomorrow i''ll only have to keep it in 2 days but I'm going crazy I don't feel like I can wait that long. But for now I wanted to know if anyone else went through any similar experiences with the ring? Or if anyone started the ring and didn't get their period at all anymore? Also has anyone experienced painful breasts on the ring? Sorry to type so much.