So I've been on the Nuvaring for somewhere around 7-8 years. I've always had normal periods when I took it out. Well, about four days before my boyfriend and I were supposed to take a vacation to FL I started my period because I left it in a little too long (like 3 and a half maybe four weeks, I didn't realize it had already been that long). I put a new one in the next day, hoping to slow/stop the bleeding. My period did get a little lighter and just about disappeared the day we were leaving from vacation to come home. The very next day I started bleeding again, it was a dark funky clotted type of bleeding (sorry if that's TMI).
Well this was all almost a month ago and I'm STILL bleeding. Most of it was the dark brown clots (mild to moderate amounts) with some bright red clots as well. It never got any lighter. Only heavier. Three days ago I took out the ring and am hoping the bleeding will stop in a few more days, but it's not getting any lighter. It's not quite as clotted anymore though. Have any other long time users ever experienced this? I'm thinking/hoping maybe my hormones just got all out of whack when I put the new ring in so soon. I don't really know what to make of it because I have had zero problems with such a long period ever in my life (I'm 25) and I've never had any issues with the Nuvaring. If it doesn't stop within the next week I think I'm going to have to go see my GYN.