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Trying to find out what a round little blue pill is with a star on it. Anyone know? Worried :(?


colinzimmermann 3 May 2010

Let me guess, it has no RX number on it anywhere, is blank on one side, is a medium to light blue in color and has a star stamped in one side... If all the above is true then what you have is a dose of MDMA/Ecstacy plus whatever else was mixed in when it was manufactured (This variety is called "Texaco Star). It definitely doesn't sound like a legit pharmaceutical. Colin Zimmermann

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Inactive 3 May 2010

I will have to agree with colin z sounds like you got an x pill on your hands.

KPEMSF 4 May 2010

What does it do for you? could you function i.e. work etc if you were on this? It is an adult that I am worried about.

colinzimmermann 5 May 2010

That would depend entirely on how much experience you have taking MDMA/Ecstasy... Some people can maintain their composure rather well, while others will come off completely berserk. Depends on the person.

Shaynac33 27 Mar 2018

I think they are ex pills

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