... I've had occasional nausea and lightheadedness along with decreased appetite. I do not take anything else for my diabetes. My sugars were over 300 in the AM's, now I'm running about 150-180. I have not changed my diet... Yet... and I need to lose 100#. I've tried Victoza, stopped that due to extreme migraines. I was put on byuredon ... like stabbing myself with a huge dull needle with a syringe that looked like a torpedo. What a joke, and I'm a nurse! So far the jury's out on trulicity. But the side effects sound awful, and the sooner I can lose some weight and manage my diet the sooner I can get off these drugs. I just wish they had a patch for sugar cravings the way they have a patch for nicotine abuse. Sugar is an addiction and it's in just about everything! Just on here looking to see what others have experienced and share thoughts.