I had mild unsteady sensation in legs shortly after taking 50mg trazodone before bedtime. No problem during day. Didn't help with sleep much so increased to 100mg after a few months. Noticed right away an effect on my walking. Calves felt heavy, tight. Occasional tremors (if that is the best description) while walking, a bit of a jump or hop or misstep, very brief. Eventually started using a cane, especially for smooth surfaces where walking felt very insecure, almost like walking on ice and had fear of slipping. No problem walking on rougher surfaces such as grass, carpeting, mulch, etc. Continued to take 100mg trazodone despite the side effects since it was helping more with sleep at night and energy during the day. After a few months reported side effects to doctor and stopped taking. Side effects have not gone away. Since I've starting hiking in the past year or so, I've noticed I especially have difficulty and anxiety walking downhill, even using trekking poles and wearing hiking shoes.
Has anyone else had similar reactions to trazodone? Do the side effects ever go away?