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Trazodone - if your taking speed and somebody gives you a trazadone what would the side affects be?

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happybrandee 24 April 2013

Time for rehab!!!

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smileyhappy 24 April 2013


First of all you don't take prescription meds from other people and get off the speed! This site is for serious people who want to be healthy not hooked on drugs! I'm sure there are people here who could help you get off the speed instead! Taking speed and trazodone is dangerous! If you need help just ask!

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Inactive 23 April 2013

Get sober

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cristeej 7 April 2011

I used to take 300mg of Trazadone at night, well I am supposed to anyways. I relapsed and started using Meth in Oct. 2010. I was still taking all of my meds, while using. I found out that the Trazadone had a bigger affect on me while using, then it did when sober. I took it at same time nightly, and same amount, and yes I did and still do sleep everynight. But I would wake up and my vision would be warped, blurry, everything purple/dark blue/black, and my body felt like it was detached. I was unable to speak clearly, or at all. My daughter missed 3 days a week, for 2 weeks of school because of this. I finally stopped taking so much, and now I dont take them at all. I do not have trouble sleeping anymore, even when using.

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