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Does Tramadol work for migraine headaches?

3 Answers

Delila 4 Oct 2013

Hi, if you are taking it in a regular basis, then yes it can help. I was taking it long term for a back injury, i also get migraines, and i did find that they were much less severe

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sara12345 3 Oct 2013

It helped me, even on an as needed basis. But before that I had to take it daily for my migraines. But that just promotes rebound migraines since when you take any pain reliever more than 2 or 3 days a week you risk the rebound migraines. I was so glad to instead get nerve block, trigger point and Botox injections which has meant most days I have mild headaches if I don't do very much. I have a particularly difficult case since my migraines were caused by my stroke. Of course if you have a lot of migraines each month, then you are best to try the daily preventative migraine medications.

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Delila 4 Oct 2013

Hi Sara! Just wanted to add a comment to your response, Tramadol is designed to be taken daily as a preventative measure, to control pain. It isn't one of those medications that cause adverse effects if taken more than a few days a week. I hope you don't mind me adding that

sara12345 5 Oct 2013

Thanks Delia. I didn't realize that about Tramadol.

Katalina57 15 Feb 2015

Tramadol XR is the form used to treat chronic pain. Tramadol in and of itself can be used as needed to treat migraines.

BOOBOO1971 23 Feb 2019

Sara12345, I also have bad migraines as a result of a stroke too. I just had an MRI of Brain in January which confirmed the strokes. Has the Ultram helped you? My sic just started me on it today, 2/22/2019.

BOOBOO1971 23 Feb 2019

Sorry, my doc just started me on Ultram today.

kaismama 3 Oct 2013

I can't see it helping since it doesn't work well if only taken as needed. I have found over 10 yrs of taking it that you have to take it on a regular basis for it to help. It might be worth a try tho.

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