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Can tramadol cause tinnitus?

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Inactive 15 June 2018

YES. I've been taking 200 ml of Tramadol per day for 6 months for foot pain.When I started to reduce my dosage to 100 ml I began to have ringing ears.Look for an alternative for pain relief folks.

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Donstoptrama 29 April 2018

I'm in my 50's and have been on tramadol now for quite some years now. About 4 weeks ago I started having. ringing in my right ear. I visited my doctor who denied it might be the tramadol so he still has me on it and suggested it might be the meloxicam or the child aspirin I am on so he took me off those to see if it would go away

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Delila 21 March 2013

Hi, it is uncommon, but has been reported in a number of cases, see the following statistics; On Mar, 4, 2013: 34,169 people reported to have side effects when taking Tramadol. Among them, 147 people (0.43%) have Tinnitus.
Speak to your doctor about this

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Inactive 24 March 2013

Thanks Delila for the data.

kaismama 20 March 2013

Its not on the list of side effects but that doesn't mean you aren't having it. Personally I've never had a problem with it with tramadol.

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Inactive 20 March 2013

Hello topgear. I could not find any data in regards to that it will or will not cause tinnitus. Regards pledge

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