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Can tramadol cause tinnitus?

5 Answers

Inactive 20 Mar 2013

Hello topgear. I could not find any data in regards to that it will or will not cause tinnitus. Regards pledge

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kaismama 20 Mar 2013

Its not on the list of side effects but that doesn't mean you aren't having it. Personally I've never had a problem with it with tramadol.

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Delila 21 Mar 2013

Hi, it is uncommon, but has been reported in a number of cases, see the following statistics; On Mar, 4, 2013: 34,169 people reported to have side effects when taking Tramadol. Among them, 147 people (0.43%) have Tinnitus.
Speak to your doctor about this

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Inactive 24 Mar 2013

Thanks Delila for the data.

Donstoptrama 29 Apr 2018

I'm in my 50's and have been on tramadol now for quite some years now. About 4 weeks ago I started having. ringing in my right ear. I visited my doctor who denied it might be the tramadol so he still has me on it and suggested it might be the meloxicam or the child aspirin I am on so he took me off those to see if it would go away

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Inactive 15 Jun 2018

YES. I've been taking 200 ml of Tramadol per day for 6 months for foot pain.When I started to reduce my dosage to 100 ml I began to have ringing ears.Look for an alternative for pain relief folks.

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