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Can tramadol cause hallucinations?


masso 26 Feb 2017

Yes it can:

CNS stimulation has been reported as a composite of nervousness, anxiety, agitation, tremor, spasticity, euphoria, emotional lability, and hallucinations. During clinical trials, tolerance development was mild and the reports of a withdrawal syndrome were rare. Symptoms of a withdrawal syndrome have included: panic attacks, severe anxiety, hallucinations, paraesthesias, tinnitus and unusual CNS symptoms (i.e. confusion, delusions, personalization, derealization, and paranoia).


I agree with the previous answer, you must inform your DR. asap.

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Joe-JustJoe 26 Feb 2017

Well it shouldn't... But sometimes people have interactions or strange reactions so I suppose it could. Though I've not heard of it, it may be possible. You're going to have to talk to your doctor immediately. Like literally as soon as you possibly can. I'm not trying to panic you but you should know hallucinations are a big deal. It can be caused when you don't eat or sleep or something like that but when it comes to medication this is something you do not want to mess around with, got it? You need to talk to your doctor and soon. Something else might be going on. Might be nothing major, might be something with your history I don't know about, might be something your doctor can easily help with, but the point is this is potentially urgent so get this sorted. Soon.

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jonilea 1 March 2017

My psych. put me on it for PTSD flashbacks. From night 1, I was having REALLY bad nightmares of other things. Spiders that were eating me alive, and such. Within 1 week, I was waking up with tremors of my WHOLE body. I told him... NO MORE, and took myself off it. That being said, just remember... EVERYONE has different reactions to different med's. free discount card

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