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Can topiramate cause yeast infections?


StephanieAlice 4 Dec 2014

Yes, it can. Of the side effects listed, it includes this:


Immunologic side effects have been reported including infection and genital moniliasis.[Ref] (another term for yeast infection)

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Flossytreadwell 17 April 2018

Yes it certainly can. I have been off & on it at various doses for more than 4 years. They lowered my migraine tablets & upped the topamax to 75mg a day. The white patches & fluid filled spots grew very fast after that. I developed tinea versicolor & developed candida in all my hair follicles. I lost much of my head hair & the yeast was terrible at night. I developed growths in my bits. I lost all hair on my limbs which is slowly returning after ceasing topamax. The yeast (Malassezia AKA candida? turned into an aggressive fungus & the white patches cover my body. I can't get rid of the tongue candida as biofilm protects it. I am scrubbing my tongue with chlorhexidine mouth wash which keeps it down but it's back by next morning. As I said the symptoms are dying down on the skin but it is in my bloodstream now. I will be assessed for treatment for this now once the species of candida has been diagnosed from the tests.


I'm having photo's taken at hospital tomorrow. I have my own photo's of course.
I'm also taking Now candida support & bathing hair & body with Nizoral from the doctor. free discount card

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