I can't bare the pain these toothaches and because of that I'm taking a ton of ibuprofens. I've been taking about 6 200mg ibuprofens on a regular basis for the past 3-4 weeks. Some days I'll take about 10-12. I started taking more and more as the pain would not go away. The most I have taken was about 16 in a 24 hour period. I just can't take the pain anymore. I called the dentist and they set up an appointment but they want to do things their way. I told them it was an emergency and I needed to be seen asap. They scheduled me for 2 days later and considering I don't have insurance and the toothache wasn't as bad so I didn't end up going. I have went to them before and they quoted me 30k and that's why I'm scared to go back. They wanted to fix everything even though I asked if we could please just get to the specific tooth. I just need to know what I can do or what else I can take to get rid of the pain. I've never had a toothache that lasted this long. I've had toothaches for as long as I can remember tho. This time it's different because it's on a daily basis and it hurts all day. These toothaches get so bad I feel physically and mentally drained. The whole side of my face hurts, I get headaches and I can't sleep. The cold weather isn't helping. My teeth are very very sensitive to the cold, therefore, stepping outside gives me a toothache which is horrible considering I work outside. Please, any help on what I can take will be great. Thank you.