I go to urgent care for a toothache which turned to an abscess which I'm thinking only because the left side of my face started swelling most of my upper below my left eye on the left side of my nose and the upper teeth which is where the infection is they prescribe me penicillin VK 500 mg one tablet four times a day they also prescribed me Diclofenac sodium 50 mg one tablet twice a day okay so I take the medicine my face only on the left side completely swollen from top to bottom my eye is pretty much swollen shut on the left side my lips swollen and I guess where the abscess is where the tooth infection started is that's pretty much where it's rock hard I stopped taking the medicine because my face just on the left side swell up so bad so I would take a shower and straight hot water let it hit my face and inside my mouth just nasty taste and dark colored whatever and discharge would come from the left side of my mouth inside and I'd spit it out then it would also come from my nose it almost smelled like rotten just rotten so I stopped taking the medicine I go to the emergency room the next day they asked me what was wrong I show them my face swole they said that that's normal that's the medicine for working okay so I leave I don't take the medicine all day my face starts going down the swelling start stopping I don't got no pain anymore the minute I start taking the medicine again my face is completely swollen again my question is is the medicine working is that why it's swelling up like this or am I having an allergic reaction do I need to stop taking the medicine and seek emergency help please somebody I feel like my life is in danger