Hi so recently I was diagnosed with a sinus infection with postnasal drip. As a result of my post nasal drip I have had a lingering chronic cough. My doctor put me on 500mg of Cephalexin for 10 days 2 pills twice a day as a result. In addition to this, I take 30mg of vyvanse for ADHD and Junel FE for birth control.

Since taking all them, I have had issues with gaging coughing about 10 minutes after taking my meds and gaging coughing almost to the point of throwing up after eating a meal. I was told that the Cephalexin was going to make the birth control ineffective, but I don't know what's causing the cough.

Should I continue to take them altogether or should I be spacing them out?

Also, what can I do to contain my cough?