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Titralac Plus - Do you know why they have discontinued titralac?

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16 May 2013

I contacted 3-M a few months ago and this was their reply. I have yet to find a product that works as well.. :(

Unfortunately, Titralac(TM) Antacid has been discontinued with no replacement. Our stock has been depleted and we are not aware of another source for the same or a similar item.

Discontinuing any products is a marketing decision and we regret the inconvenience. Your inquiry has been forwarded to the marketing department.

For information on our current products visit our website at

craftinpat 25 Jul 2013

We have used Titralac for probably 35 + years. We have told many friends about this antacid and can't understand why you would discontinue something that works so well. Now we can only get it on line for $75.00 a bottle.

nocando 6 Dec 2013

seems to me some one got a lead this was gonna be discontinued an cleared the shelves so the can now sell it for $75 a bottle --- Shame on you 10 times over 3M, does that person work for you maybe not but i bet you know who it is

Carolekinderman 6 Oct 2014

Titralac is, or was, the best antacid on the market. If it didn't sell well it was because you could never find it! My husband and I are 3M retirees, with interactions of MANY seniors. We have recommended titralac to many people who, when they find it, love it. It works better than any other products out there. 3M, get on the ball, get it in the stores so we can find and buy it.

neesyb210 7 Oct 2014

Yep, used to be only at wal-mart before it was discontinued. I really miss it.

jbest77221 30 Oct 2014

Please bring titralac Bach I have used it for years a cm I am almost out. I have a hernia and it is the only thing that stops an just needs to be marketed that's all. Nothing works as as well

shirleydoe 14 Jan 2015

My husband (now deceased) and I both have used Titralac for many years, and have not found anything nearly as effective!! I have tried buying it everywhere and can't find it and now am told it is no longer available. WHY??? I am 83 yrs. old and would LOVE to be able to purchase it again, it gave me relief that no other product seems to. Please reconsider stocking it again!! Thank you!!

agdiazcorp 30 Jan 2015

I have used Titralac for my self,family, and patients, for decades. The superb,safe,and much more palatable product is an alternative to the more commonly used antacids that cause among other potential side effects, such as constipation,diarrhea,"milk alkali syndrome",malabsorption of drugs and food etc. There is no comparable or as safe a product on the market today!!! Sincerely, AGDiaz,M.D.

Al Croisant 8 Apr 2015

Again another voice... I want 3M to un-discontinue Titralac. It was the best. Still have a few and they are STILL the best. Tell the marketing department they made a mistake. 1 comment = 1000 people

MimiSusie 17 Apr 2015

Why doesn't some other drug company get smart & reproduce this?? I wish I could do that cause it would make millions!!!
Titralac was the best & so many want it. Does anyone know a drug rep?

timney412 11 Aug 2015

I think it was very irresponsible to discontinue Tetralac when it helped so many millions of people. Do your company and the people who want it back. ... bu bringing it back!

timney412 11 Aug 2015

I think it was very irresponsible to discontinue Tetralac when it helped so many millions of people. Do your company and the people who want it back. ... bu bringing it back!

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