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Does tart cherry interfere with coumadin?

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mamivina 20 July 2017

I take Coumadin and also take cherry tart to avoid gout.

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DzooBaby 27 March 2012

The above poster is correct when he says tart cherry is not high in Vitamin K. Vitamin K has a big effect on coumadin/warfarin but it is not the only factor that interferes with coumadin and INR's. Vitamin C can also affect coumadin and cherries are very high in Vitamin C and Vitamin C can potentiate the effects of coumadin making your INRs higher where Vitamin K counteracts coumadin and will lower your INR. The main thing with any substance is consistancy. You can consume Vitamin K containing foods but you must consume them consistantly. If you like dark green leafy veggies (high in Vit K) you can eat them but you must eat something with a similar amount of Vit K every day so maybe greens one day, a salad the next, spinach the next, and asparagus another day. This way your Dr can work your coumadin around the Vitamin K. If you suddenly stop those green veggies then your INR will shoot up like a rocket because the Vitamin K isnt there to counteract the effects of coumadin.


In the case of high Vitamin C, if you want to consume cherries be sure that you discuss it with your Dr so that he can monitor your INR more closely. You dont want to change your diet then wait a month before your next INR because it can change drastically within that time and you dont want to have your INR go so high that you bleed. Once you start with the cherries you must have around the same amount each day so that your Dr can adjust the coumadin around the effects. There are two great websites that discuss coumadin and the effects of foods and drugs and supplements on your INRs. The best one is but that site is being revamped so it is down right now but keep an eye out, it should be back up soon. There is another called It is good too but doesnt have quite as much info as but you can read there and learn until is back up. I hope all of my info has made sense to you. If not, shoot me a question and I will answer.

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DemoninDC 27 March 2012

Cherries have a low level of vitamin K. If you are eating less than 15 cherries in a day then you should not have any problems. Items such as echinacea, grapefruit juice, ginkgo, goldenseal, St. John’s wort are what you need to stay away from.

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