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Taking Xanax and ambien at the same time for bed?

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traumanurse 16 Jul 2013

Take Xanax 1 hour before ambien and then retire soon after. Ask your Dr about trying something else besides Xanax. It has horrible withdrawals and is very addictive

mhelcl 16 Jul 2013

Ambien alone should be enough for you to fall a sleep. Xanax is much more potent and has much more difficult withdrawal profile. Xanax is not the best choice to use for the sole purpose of helping you go to sleep. Do you suffer from other conditions besides insomnia ? If not, have you done some analyses with a specialist looking into what is the cause for your insomnia. Xanax is not a drug to be on unless You absolutely have to as stopping Xanax abruptly can cause serious withdrawals and even death.

SphereR 25 Jul 2013

I would not recommend taking any sedatives with Ambien as it could make you sleep walk etc.

Mikeyboy60 4 Sep 2017

If you take your Xanax 1/2 hour before you go to sleep and then take your ambien you will be fine i have be en doing this for years .Xanax will calm you down and relax you. Ambien is what will put you to sleep they are two different things. free discount card

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