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I am taking omeprazole and my period is late what do I do?

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Judds 17 Jan 2024

I have been scouring the net to see whether others have experienced delayed periods after being on Omeprazole. So glad that I'm not the only one. I was on 40mg x 2 for two weeks and then down to 40mg for a month. I'm meant to continue because of stomach issues but after a delay in my period of over three weeks I've taken myself off it a week ago as I am really bothered at the delay. For others who took themselves off Omeprazole, how long was it before your period appeared?

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Annie1135 5 June 2023

Ive been taking omeprazole 20mg for 3 weeks and I’m 10 days late on my period now. I took pregnancy test twice with negative results and I am totally freaking out!

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ferlyn1430 10 May 2023

I am really happy I found this. I was having my period normally for the past months and this is the only time I facing this type of problem. Me and my partner use condoms and he didn't even ejaculate. I'm 10 days late so I've been taking so many pregnancy tests in an absolute panic. Good to know I'm not alone, but this needs to be studied.

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Hanf1 9 May 2023

Same here, been taking about 3 weeks not on any contraception or other medication and my period is normally like clockwork.
Not pregnant (I've double checked even though it was very unlikely) and period is now 3 /4 days late.

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demichen0511 9 May 2023

I have the same problem.

I have been prescribed for Omeprazole for 4 weeks’ treatment , been taking 2 weeks already , and my period is now 12 days late!! Which never happened before (was always on time). I am thinking to come out of the medication now.

Will the period come eventually??? I am running out of my patience.

Wheng081906 26 July 2023

Hi Im experiencing this too. Did you stop taking this meds? And after you stop how many days does your period start?


demichen0511 27 July 2023

On May, I found my period was late for 2 weeks and I decided to stop the medication , and my period finally come back after a week.

Recently I am taking Omeprazole occasionally only when I need , such as taking 1 tablet while feeling stomach pain, it helps. My period is on time in the last two months.

OMC27 6 May 2023

Having the same issue. 2 weeks late. Did anyone ever receive their period? If so, when?/ how many days late?

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demichen0511 7 May 2023

Hello, me the same. Been on Omeprazole for 2 weeks, everyday 40mg. Now I am 10 days, always on time before .
I am so worried

Dot79 9 May 2023

I took myself off the medication and my period returned about a week later.

OMC27 9 May 2023

How many days late were you?

Dot79 9 May 2023

It’s been a while ago I don’t really remember but it was enough to scare me. The only thing I had changed was getting on the medication ( which does help ) but not with periods. But about a week later I started. It took a while to get back in sync. I’m like clock work too so when I notice somethings off I try to figure it all out. Women know their bodies- we need to trust or instincts more.

OMC27 10 May 2023

That's good to know, thank you!

ferlyn1430 10 May 2023

did you already got your period?

demichen0511 10 May 2023

Same question here, have you got your period yet? I stopped taking Omeprazole two days ago , still waiting the period. 2 weeks late already, Pregnancy chance 0%.
I will see how many days it will start after taking off from the medication, will update you all here.

Dot79 10 May 2023

It took a good week to start but also note how ever long you’ve been on the medication could take longer to get your body back in sync. Everyone is different. Plus the stress of not starting can also cause a delay. I’m not a dr but I do know my body and how medications affect me I just knew to wait and try not to freak out. Sorry I don’t have an exact time frame. Hate that all these women are still having to deal with this and there’s still no information out there on this medication.

OMC27 11 May 2023

Okay so I ended up getting my period exactly two weeks late but it's very very light and not the same as it usually is which is still concerning for me. I am also still taking Omeprazole. I'm hoping it also affects the flow of periods as well

Judds 17 Jan 2024

@demichen how long did it take after you stopped for your period to show up?

naz178 30 Jan 2023

Hi! Ive been prescribed omeprazole for 2 weeks for digestive issue. my period has been like a clockwork every 30 days all this while and now I am 4 days late. It freaks me out. The chance of me being pregnant is zero percent as I am not sexually active. I hope omeprazole doesn't mess up my hormones! still waiting for the day I get my period :( I did ask my gynae doctor if omeprazole has anything to do with my late period and she said that shouldn't be the case. Most probably it is the stress but me waiting for my period is adding more stress!

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Hannahbanana007 5 Dec 2022

I just started this drug about a month ago. It has seriously helped my heartburn but I am 22days LATE on my period. I haven’t changed anything to delay it, no chance of pregnancy nothing. In fact I’ve been working out and cutting back in bad foods: and I’m 22days late. Omeprazole is the ONLY thing I’ve changed… now I’m scared and don’t want o continue taking it. I’m almost an entire month late! I’m still waiting and creeped out…

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Mariam0909 29 Sep 2022

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I've been taking omeprazole(20mg) for about 2 months and my period was several days late for both times.

At this moment I'm 4 days late and just waiting for it.

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AnikeAde 26 Aug 2022

I took omeprazole for a little over a week and my period is seven days late. I was panicking before I saw this thread.
Good to know I'm not alone, but this needs to be studied. It's really scary...

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J_Mal 25 July 2022

I've been taking omeprazole for 3 weeks base on my doctor's prescription and my period is late for 8 days already. I was having my period normally for the past months and this is the only time I facing this type of problem. I feel relieved when I saw some comments with the same problem

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19931896 30 July 2022

Happy to find this here, I've been taking it for a month and my periods are 4 days late.

Moonlight11 12 July 2022

I am really happy I found this forum. Since I have started taking this medicine my periods are very light. I used to change pads few times during my periods but now I don't need more than one pad. However, I'm on the same contraceptive pill for last 12 years but never had any of this issue. Has anyone experience this problem. I'm really worried. All I'm having is just light pink spotting .

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Nicolekj 8 Feb 2022

I'm so glad I found this iv been on this medication for 2 weeks now and I'm currently 9 days late

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Elalba 6 Feb 2022

I am having the same issue. Started taking it 3-4 weeks ago, and less than recommended by the GP. Now my period is 4 days late despite having all the symptoms.
I've done a pregnancy test as well and I'm negative, but I am still very anxious despite practicing safe sex. Planning to call my doctor tomorrow and report this.

Have any of you ended up getting your period and when?

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Dot79 8 Feb 2022

I decided to go off the meds after I posted my question because it freaked me out. It took about a week and a half to get back to normal. But I have no doubt it was the medication preventing my period. I see there have been several ladies dealing with this. It needs to be looked into.

MaryKate84 29 Jan 2022

I’m so glad I’ve seen other women late on this medicine too. I’m currently 4 days late and experiencing my period symptoms (slight cramping, irritability, etc) but it’s not here. I’m almost 38 and practice safe sex (condoms) with my husband. I hope more research can be done on this. I started this medicine on December 29 2021.

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Naomij1993 1 Dec 2021

Thank god I'm seeing this. Me and my partner use condoms and I'm 6 days late. Started this medication in October so I've been taking so many pregnancy tests in an absolute panic. This needs looking into.

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