Hello everyone. Your answers would mean a lot to me. I am freaking out because of my current situation.

I had sex for the first time last Feb 19. We used condom but it slipped outside and he already ejaculated in the condom. We didn't notice it right away. So we continued for a few seconds. I didn't take any action owing to the fact that it was my first time and I really didn't know what to do. I also thought I was safe because we did it five days before my period.

We did it again Feb 28. And after reading articles on the internet, I decided to take Plan B just to be safe. I should have had my period by this time but I was late for two weeks. I had heavy bleeding one week after taking Plan B. It was dark red and clotty but it only lasted for three days. (Is this my period or just a side effect of the pill?)

Fast forward to April 9 and I still haven't got my second period. I experience cramps and different symptoms like swollen breasts, severe back pain, nausea and such. These aren't my normal PMS symptoms. However, I've taken more than five pregnancy tests (sometimes in the morning and afternoon and I followed all the instructions) since week 3 after the conception and they were all negative. I am confused. Is it possible that I am pregnant?

Thank you in advance for answering!!!