I am a 20 year old female who took the Plan B pill on the 22/01/19. I am in a healthy relationship. However after taking the pill I started feeling insecure in my relationship even though my boyfriend would reassure me everything was fine and that he loved me which I do believe. We have been together for 2 years. About 2.5 weeks later feelings of depression and self doubt kicked in with a heightened sense of insecurity and this feeling has been on going for 1.5-2weeks. I feel like constantly crying for no reason at all, as if I have a frog stuck in my throat. I can't eat and can't sleep all too well. This is weird to me as I am a very happy and confident person usually, even my boyfriend is wondering how this happened. My question is, could it be the plan b pill or is this just how I am now? I constantly question whether my boyfriend loves me, feeling he will get bored of me, feeling no self worth anymore and also losing interest in my hobbies as well as losing focus. I'm very confused and hope it's just the plan b pill as I have never felt like this before and have no reason to feel like this right now.