About a month ago I drove myself to a hospital here in San Diego County on a Thursday about noon. Reason being late on Wednesday I had a headache and slight chest pain. My doctor could not or see me on Thursday. I was admitted and stayed over night for reason of having Afib and or high blood pressure. I was given a prescription before leaving on Friday about 5:00pm for Eliquis and metoprolol at my local Walmart. I have Medicare and Anthem Rx.
I live in area close to a Vons, Albertsons, Trader Joes's, Ralphs, Frazier farms, Sprouts and a Walmart.
Could someone please tell me what I can purchase for eating at any of these stores that does not interact with metoprolol? And please nothing green.
Reason for this question I have not been very strict in my food choices. My doctor who I did get to see and my cardiologist were of zero help on what food to purchase. Doing a search online offers choices but then others have other choices opposite to there suggestions, except for no grapefruits.
And I try to stay away from high sodium, I like glyphosate/organic steel cut or rolled oats and buy organic on labels. I have been eating Ezekiel low/no salt sprouted oat bread for years now though sometimes I eat a burrito or go Subway, Chinese or Mexican food.