I have terrible arthritis in my right foot due to having a bad knee for 10 years. The knee was replaced 2 years ago and is great, but my foot ankle have suffered for letting the knee go for so long. I went to the podiatrist to see what my options were; and she said it I had arthritis in many of the joints in my foot/ankle. I have not seen this doctor before, (my regular podiatrist is out on maternity leave), so I was hoping to connect up with her to go over options. I mainly wanted something (temporarily) for pain so I can sleep, but she prescribed Celebrex. (100 mg. twice a day for 2 weeks) I am on a low dose of Lisinopril, (10mg day) and on Letrozole for post breast cancer treatment. After reading the side effects from Celebrex, I probably shouldn't be on this, and if so, shouldn't a rheumatologist be the one to determine what to do with my arthritis? Help! I just want to be out of pain!