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Taking ativan and wellbutrin for social anxiety, are these a good combination?

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lauramorrick 6 Jan 2014

This combo didn't work well for me as the Wellbutran increased my heart rate, increased my energy, felt like I was speeding around and the Ativan never calmed me down enough but after my phych switched me to Cybalta and Xanax, also with Lamacitil, I don't have to take my daily max amt of Xanax and have cut down my panic attacks and GAD successfully. Of course, it often takes a few try's and mixes from UR dr till it works well with UR system! Keep working on it til they get it right for U as once it is, it makes a dramatic difference on UR life!

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juke123 9 Jan 2014

Thanks, have any of these made you gain weight?

Inactive 27 Jan 2014

The ativan causes weight gain for some folks and wellbutrin helps some folks lose weight.

Inactive 6 Jan 2014

Yes the combo can be good, but try not to take the ativan no more than 2 weeks or on a daily basis as you can build up a tolerance very quickly needing more and more and ativan is very addicting.

Best to you... pamee

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juke123 9 Jan 2014

Thank you!

kaw06 6 Jan 2014

I take this combination and I feel it is a good one. Everyone reacts differently to Meds, but I've had good luck with them so far, and I hope you so as well!

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