Hello, First I apologize for the short story I'm about to right I'm hoping to get some peace of mind from this. The last few months have been very difficult. I have been dealing with panic/ anxiety attacks off and on for many years as a child they just went untreated then went away for most of my teen years. Due to the severity of the panic disorder I finally was able to get on medicines in my early twenties. I am 44 now. About a year ago I was doing really well and was off Paxil for almost six months I would occasionally take a clonazepam if I felt one coming on, but were talking very rarely. After the New Year I started getting them again and it really spun me for a loop. I got back on the Paxil through my Primary care physician. But unlike before I was having some sexual side effects. I made an appointment with a psychiatrist and she wanted me to get on Viibryd.I was up to 30 mg of Paxil so for the first four days I was taking ten of Paxil and half of a 20mg Viibryd. I've been Strictly on Viibryd now since Sunday and my Anxiety is worse plus some stomach issues. I'm just so frustrated I though I had this pretty much beat and now I'm sliding back down the hill.