..in chest. I am switching to Lexapro from Xanax which I will stay on til established on lexapro. Really struggling with physical symptoms. Last night had uncomfortable feelings in chest. Scared it wa serious. Some symptoms feel like withdrawal but I am not cutting back . Doc said last night to take whole 0.25 mg tablet up to4 a day instead of 1/2 0.25 tablet 4-5 times a day.
... . Last night I felt like I had sharp currents on top of my hands, prickly face and some anxiety. Does starting on lexapro 5mgs for 4 days do this or am I needing more xanax for now? I have started today taking 1 xanax every 5-6 hours. Felt a little rough this morning. Seems a little better with 2nd pill for now. Any thoughts?