I suffer from serious depression and anxiety (ADD & mild bipolar). I take 150mg Wellbutrin, 25mg Sertraline, and 10mg Buspirone every morning. I'm also supposed to take another dose of Buspirone at dinner, but rarely ever take that. Its either because I took the first dose too late and don't think I should take it, or I just forget to take it. I was also prescribed seroquil at bedtime that I can't really take either because l can't wake up the next morning. My psych doctor went out on leave of absence for a bit, so I got my refills from my PCP. I was prescribed Abilify before, but my insurance wouldn't cover it until I tried 2 other types first. I've already tried respridone before, and now the seroquil. Will Abilify give me the same affects?? I wanted to scratch my face off with the Respridone, and now the Seroquil knocks me out so bad I can't get up in the morning. I've just been using Lorazepam as needed when my anxiety/panick attacks are bad.