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Skyla - Continuous severe cramping, 2months after insertion?

Posted 15 days ago by Firefighter562 2 answers

It's been 2 months with skyla. I haven't stopped bleeding or spotting. I have severe cramps during my entire cycle. Anytime I workout or use my abdominal muscles I always get cramping. As I am a firefighter I workout extremely hard multiple times a week. Can this have displaced my IUD? I ...

Mirena - will my heavy period return after the removal of IUD this week?

Posted 26 Sep 2016 by harpreet humpal 0 answers

I've gained 15pounds since Mirena IUD this was placed(18Mths). I'm only 5-2 and workout every single day and watch my carbs and take a very low calorie diet. In spite of this, I still continue to gain weight. I have constant bloating and terrible water retention. All my weight is in my ...

Multiple Sclerosis - Has anyone who is or has taken tysabri and gained weight had any luck with?

Posted 5 Sep 2016 by AHouse 0 answers

... getting the weight off either while still on tysabri or after you stopped treatment? I've gained 20 pounds since I started my treatments 5 months ago. I workout daily and my diet hasn't changed. I'm just as my wits end with the the weight gain. I realize I should be happy that ...

Has anyone had success treating their own lazy eye through patching? (18+)?

Posted 14 Jun 2016 by tomschar166 0 answers

I've been doing these eye workouts with a patch on and it feels as if my eye is getting a workout. My eye is not that bad but its somewhat noticable. Any success stories or new information on the subject would be highly appreciated.

Pain just above the knee?

Posted 27 Apr 2016 by herrera0396 1 answer

I have been exercising for the last three weeks and had noticed knee pain. It was getting so bad it was slowing me down during my workouts. I had noticed that when I would stand up from sitting my knees would hurt. I went to my local gnc store and asked what would be best to take for this issue. I ...

Belviq - Anyone have experience of no weight loss after taking it 2 weeks?

Posted 24 Mar 2016 by grammieSue 1 answer

I'm a 48yr old female who started taking Belviq 2x a day- 2 weeks ago. I was placed on it due to BMI over 30, high b/p, and high tryglicerides. I already use my fitness pal, and workout 5 times a week for the past 3 years, and only have gained weight. All other labs I have had come back ...

Glucophage - How long do you take Metformin to decide it's working for PCOS with insulin resistance?

Posted 19 Aug 2015 by sherryhm 1 answer

I've been taking it for one month 500 mgs 2 x's day with no weight loss and gained a few lbs. I eat very clean and workout everyday. Has anyone used Alpha Lipoic Acid along with Metformin? If so, what were the results?

Does it effect your muscle growth after a workout?

Posted 25 Jan 2016 by Tash25 1 answer

Will taking a paracetamol tablet before or after a workout have any affect at all on how the muscle growth process works after a workout.

Abnormal Bleeding on Birth Control?

Posted 8 Jan 2016 by msearching 0 answers

I've been using Zovia 1/50 for probably 3 years now and only recently have been noticing significant changes. Undergoing immense stress at school and intense workouts, I have noticed my period to be much lighter than normal (something just presistant spotting). However, I had what I would call ...

Qsymia - Taking qysmia and drinking a pre workout drink ok or no?

Posted 31 Dec 2015 by Cristy1031 1 answer

I am about to start qysmia but I use a pre work out drink at night when I go to the gym. Will the two interact? I use a drink called NOS

If I take Zithromax Z-Pak could I still workout?

Posted 30 Nov 2015 by cwirks01 0 answers

I frequent the gym and I take pre-workout supplements. Could I go to the gym and if so could I still take my pre-workout?

How long does it take to get use to Risperidone?

Posted 5 Aug 2015 by Russ843survive 0 answers

I have been taking Risperidone for 11 days now. I am concerned about gainning weight, because I do not want to gain weight. I am use to working out for an hour a day. Now I can barely Workout. Also, how many days does it take to fully get use to Risperidone?

Can I take workout supplements or creatine after an appendectomy?

Posted 11 Aug 2015 by ddabell 0 answers

I had started taking creatine before and after a workout. Then a few weeks after I started, one day I started having all the symptoms of appendicitis. Sure enough when I got to the ER I had to have it removed. It has been a few years and I have changed my eating habits since then too. I would like ...

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