To start, I do not take contraceptives of any kind. I'm rarely sexually active with my boy friend. I eat healthy, drink lots of water & I workout 3x a week.

I've noticed when taking a new antibiotic I start to spot & my period comes only days after.
This has happened twice now after taking antibiotics, this time for strep throat.

For the past 2 months I've had 6 periods and in between spotting. Just cant seem to get a break.

Let's be honest, no one actual enjoys being on a period unless they're afraid of pregnancy.

It's getting annoying.

I got blood tests for STDs and that sexual stuff as per request of my doc and came up clean. Had a barium swallow & they didn't see any ulcer issues & had thyroid tests done and nothing.

I'm going to go crazy if this continues. It's making me emotional all the time & It would be nice to be able to enjoy sexy time without worry of blood.

Any thoughts or ideas of what the doc or I could be missing? Or what I should get checked for?