On March 25 the condom broke during sex, but neither my partner or I realized this until after he had finished. We immediately went to the pharmacy to get Plan B One Step, so I took it between 30 minutes-1 hour after. The next week, from March 30-April 1, I had extremely heavy bleeding that was maroon and bright red. I was a little confused as to whether this was the spotting you usually get after taking Plan B or my period since it was so heavy. It was enough to bleed through a regular tampon in 6 hours on March 31. It resembled my period in the change of color, symptoms like cramps, and heaviness, but was short like spotting is described as being.
Today, April 25, is exactly a month after I took Plan B One Step. I have had 5 negative pregnancy tests in the past two weeks, the last one taken on April 22. For about three days now I've felt like I'm going to have my period. I've been having extremely bad cramps, broke out terribly, have had tender breasts... all symptoms I usually have before my period comes. Before I got in the shower earlier, I noticed that I had very slimy, white discharge with a hint of pink in it. About an hour later, I noticed more blood, but it was still bright in color. It was darker, not as pink, but still bright.
I'm a little worried and definitely paranoid about this situation. I've read so many different forums on this, but none have really fit my situation. I'm definitely not looking for a scolding for having to take an emergency contraception, I just really need someone to shed light on my situation before I consult my family doctor... As clear of an answer, opinion, or anything would be much appreciated. Thanks.