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Does or can vimpat cause weight gain or weight loss?

i've just been put on a trail and I'm also taking topamax and lamictal epilepsy not control

Does using Vimpat and Keppra together causes severe short term memory loss?

My wife is 56 years old. She takes Vimpat 50 mg (3 times daily) and Keppra 500 mg once a day to control her epilepsy. The auras/seizures are completely under control but she is experiencing severe memory problems. As an example she sometimes cannot remember something I had told her fifteen minutes... read more

Can Vimpat 100 mg tablets be crushed?

I ran out of vimpat 2 days ago. how long does it take to leave my system?

i was on vimpat 100mg 2x day having trouble getting refill so i've run out 2days ago. how long does it take to leave my system?

Can Vimpat can cut in half?

decreasing dose and just filled 200mg tablets

How long before Vimpat is out of your body?

I began taking Vimpat for Parkinson's Disease 3 weeks ago and it has been awful with the more common side effects of nausea and vomiting. My Pharmacist confirmed that I was having side effects from Vimpat rather than any of my other prescriptions. He recommended that I stop taking it and call... read more

My hair has become extremely frizzy and coarse since starting vimpat medication 2 months ago?

My hair has now become Extremely Frizzy and Coarse since starting this Vimpat Medication 2 months ago. Will my Hair go back to being Shiny and Curly again??

Does dizziness subside with Vimpat?

My 20 year old son was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and put on Vimpat. He immediately experienced dizziness. Will this ever subside? If so, how long before these side effects go away? Are there any remedies to counteract the dizziness?

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