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Ventolin Questions

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Does either Ventolin or albuterol contain steroids?

I use Ventolin for COPD & Trazodone what is Trazadone do to help with COPD?

I see different doctors at a free clinic because they volunteer i never know who i will be seen by. One Dr. put me on Qvar but i got Thrush and a yeast infection from it so i was told not to take it anymore. So now all i take is Ventolin & Trazadone for COPD but the Trazadone does not help with... read more

Allergic to Ventolin - what can I use instead?

My GP said I have asthma and whilst awaiting the chest x ray gave me Ventolin spary.used for 3 day and lost 3 nights sleep on third night very scary experienced all the listed severe allergic reactions very scary after 3 days, took ages to calm down, contacted GP who said the sleep loss was due to... read more

Can the following meds give false positive for methamphetamine or amphetamine selegiline,?

... lamotrigine, risperidone, topiramate , mobic, aciphex, sprivia, ventolin, advair, or combipatch thanks

Why do I sleep better amd more after taking Ventolin HFA one spray at midnight as needed?

I have mild asthma or asthma after nasal sugery few years ago ,and throat drip. I never have any problems during day ,at night some days after few hours of sleep ,i take ventolinhfa to sleep and breath better. I do not take daily asthma medication ,as i feel it is not needed.

Can you recommend an inhaler that does not use albuterol sulfate?

I am allergic to albuterol sulfate, it causes numbing of my mouth/nose if I use the HFA inhalers more than 3-4 times in a week. I have tried symbicort, seravent, ventolin, proair inhalers as my everyday inhalers and all have the same result of numbness within 3-4 days of daily use. I was on Advair... read more

What aree the differences between Ventolin and Qvar?

Also, what about Albuterol - how does that fit into the other drugs?

Does dextromethorphan cause diarrhea in adults?

I finally connected diarrhea with having taken10 mL of dextromethorphan within three to four hours. No cramping. I am 73 years old, currently taking Losartan/HCT for blood pressure and Ventolin HGA for asthma.

Ventolin HFA and whole grapefruits?

What interactions exist, if any, between Ventolin HFA and eating grapefruits? Are they major, moderate or none found? And what are the risks if major and/or moderate? Thank you.

Is ventolin a controlled substance?

My doctor uses this as a reason to schedule appointments every 3 months

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